Lighting Packs

Xtreme Saver Pack
Any 2 effects lights and stand $80.
Cheapest in Perth!
Lighten Up Pack
Sets a party mood in any space. Small and compact setup allows for easy placement in nearly any location. Includes 3 Effects/LED lights on a single stand
Glow Party Pack
Great for Fluro or Glow in the Dark parties.
Includes: 2 x UV LED Panels, 2 x LED Effects & 2 Light Stands.
Small Party Pack
Great for Garage and Backyard areas. 5 Effect Lights and 2 stands
Patio Pack
Perfect for outside undercover areas such as patio's & pergolas. We can hook some lights onto most standard size beams.
Includes: 4 x Smart Effects, 2 x Effects Lights & 2 LED Lights.
Dance Floor Pack
For large dance floors or big parties. Includes: 4 Intelligent Effects Lights, 2 Effects Light, Single Beam Laser, Smoke Machine with 3 Stands.
Xtreme Party Pack
Go all out, make the coolest party atmosphere with this huge pack. Thats over $350 of value. Includes: 8 Effects, including 2 LED Effects, Smoke Machine, Laser, & 3 Stands
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