Effects Lighting & LED Lighting

Wildtech Orbiter - $35
Projects a wide beam of unique shapes which flow by and rotate to the music.
Fascination - $35
An unusual pattern is projected which swirls and rotates, similar to an oil wheel.
Wildtech Hallucination - $35
A rich multiple colour projection of blurry colour makes an amazing effect with an hallucination feel.
Water Wave - $35
Creates a rippling water effect in multiple colours or one single colour.
Inferno - $35
Projects a raging fire simulation onto surfaces.
Fiesta - $35
This one is for special occasions. It displays: Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary and more, all with a little picture to go with.
Stormbird - $35
Excellent effect. Wide coverage, Multi-colour changing gobo effect. Our favourite for large areas.
Mania - $35
18 beams of amazing effects rotate to the beat in a moon flower effect.
Gobo Flower - $35
18 beams of amazing effects rotate to the beat in a moon flower effect.
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LED Starball  - $35
The LED version of a Mirror Ball, kind of. With multicolour output and bidirectional rotation and strobing this the the mirror ball for the 21st Century
LED Quadmoon - $40
The LED Quad moon creates amazing laser like beams in Red, Green, Blue and White. With Geometric patterns and hepas of preset programs this will keep you moving.
LED Derby - $40
This new LED effect light rotates 64 coloured beams to the beat of the music which criss cross the dance floor and which look laser sharp with smoke.
LED Triphase - $40
Great laser light effect fills upto a large room with colourful laser like beams that rotate and strobe to the music
LED Retro7 - $40
Fill any dance floor with a psychedelic led moonflower effect. 7 panels individualy change colour and make patterns.
LED Dance Floor
20sqm of LED tiled dance floor. Multitude of colours patterns and effects. You have to see the video! Smaller sizes available.
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